Lash Extensions Eliminate 50% of Eye Make-Up

At Darling Lashes, our lash extensions will change your life! We combine knowledge and experience with advanced techniques. We truly care and that’s why we only choose the best products. Our goal is to create your dream lash look, all while incorporating safe practices that keep away any possible damage to your natural lashes.

By mastering the JB Lashes techniques for applying eyelash extensions for both classic and volume in California.
You will hardly notice that I am working on your eyes .
Before starting the application, I will sit down with you and discuss your lifestyle and how you like to present yourself.
Then we will decide on which type of eyelash extension works best for you .
I want you to feel beautiful and look natural wearing my eyelash extensions. I will explain how to care for them and when you may need to re-touch. The more beautiful you look, the better you feel.
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Supplement Lash Loss With Lash Extensions

Different eyelash extensions styles

Nothing frames the eyes, more beautifully than natural full long fluttery eyelashes. But not everyone is born with naturally long, thick lashes. And on average, we lose 1 to 3 lashes a day. As we age, hair follicles (including lashes) stop producing. While mascara can accentuate what eyelashes we have, it can’t make them any longer or fuller.

Not all lash extensions are alike. JBLash lashes's exceptionally high-quality, lash extensions are available in an array of curve shapes and thicknesses, allowing you to customize the look you want. The result is a gorgeous set of full long luxurious eyelashes, unique as each face.

True beauty is found in confidence. Our goal at Darling Lashes is to help each one of our clients achieve a new confidence with our custom eyelash extension services. We believe that our services will be more than a time saver in place of makeup – they’ll truly transform your look. Our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. At Darling Lashes, we believe on the importance of clean and safe eyelash procedures. We are dedicated to providing you with a great experience to help you look and feel your very best!

Eyelash extensions spooling wand tip

Eyelash 'Fills' vs a New Set of Lashes


In order for the service to be considered a fill, the client must have at least 30% of lashes remaining. If the client returns for a fill with less than 30% remaining or less than 14 lashes on each eye, it is considered a new set. Please book your fills respectfully and according to your unique individual lash cycle. We do not fill other lash technicians work without a consultation first. Please feel free to text or call with any questions.